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Getting Started With FURIO Team 828

AirDrops, Team Support, and more!

Update - March 15, 2023: As of today, FURIO Airdrops will be halted. The price of $FUR has dropped. I will continue building my balance from compounding and will pick up sending Airdrops once my wallets max out. It will be easier and cheaper to send larger amount of $FUR to everyone at the end, rather than doing so now. Hope you can understand!

Welcome to the team! On this page, you'll find answers on how to get started, AirDrop schedule/requirements to receive, and so much more!

Which FURIO Team Should I Join?

If you haven’t chosen a FURIO team to join yet, please consider the following:

FURIO Team 1


6327 $FUR

Variable Rewards

24 Hour Rewards
158.175 $FUR

FURIO Team 2


17345 $FUR

Variable Rewards

24 Hour Rewards
433.625 $FUR

How Much $FUR Do You Need?

In order to qualify for either AirDrop, you’ll need the following amounts in your Deposits! The amount needed is constantly updated (as I continue Compounding) so make sure to bookmark this site and return often to check if you’ll qualify!

Team 1 Deposits:

6327 $FUR

You'll Need:

537.795+ $FUR

Team 2 Deposits:

17345 $FUR

You'll Need:

1474.325+ $FUR

FURIO AirDrop Schedule

UPDATE: Furio has made it VERY difficult to send AirDrops on a consistent schedule. They prevent Claims, take Claims and put them into the Furpool, and the “28 day claims” number doesn’t seem to ever go down. Because of this, AirDrops will be halted until further notice. 


On the 1st and 15th of EVERY month, both of my teams will receive an AirDrop from me! The amount sent will be whatever is collected in a 24-hour period. Team 1 is currently earning 158.175 daily and Team 2 is currently at 433.625 daily.

PLUS… since both of my teams are a part of the FURIO FAST Program, we may receive additional AirDrops from the FURIO Developers each month! Because of this, additional AirDrops will be sent when those $FUR tokens are received! If you don’t qualify for the monthly AirDrop, don’t worry! The additional Developer AirDrops will be split among ALL TEAM MEMBERS (no matter your Deposit amount)!

QUALIFICATION: In order to qualify for the monthly (guaranteed) AirDrop, you must have the following in your account: at least [percentage_needed] of the amount of $FUR that I have (above) in your Deposits balance!

I feel it’s important to reward those that are working on building their balances up and not just giving rewards to those that are continually Claiming OR haven’t deposited/Compounded much at all!

Don’t worry though… if you don’t qualify for the upcoming AirDrop, start compounding more and building your deposits so you can receive a part of the next one!

FURIO TeamDate Sent$FUR Sent
Team 12022-09-0130
Team 22022-09-0116
Team 12022-12-0126
Team 22022-12-0126
Team 12022-12-1521
Team 22022-12-1522
Team 12023-01-0131
Team 22023-01-0138
Team 12023-01-1529
Team 22023-01-1534
Team 12023-02-0126
Team 22023-02-0272

Check FURIO Wallet Balance

To see if you qualify for monthly AirDrops, you can use the button below to check your FURIO Wallet’s Deposits Balance. If you’re building a FURIO Team, you can also use the button below to see the number of Referrals you have! Simply click the link and paste your public wallet address into the input field on the page (the site is READ ONLY so it’s safe to use):

Stay Connected!

As a member of one of my FURIO Teams, you’re immediately qualified to join my dedicated FURIO Telegram group! In this group, you can ask questions, find support, and extra guidance!